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Production lines and technology

Production lines and technology


Animal husbandry in the world as well as the agricultural sector in general, in Vietnam in particular and evolving customer needs rapidly changing trends of human development. Therefore, we regard product quality as the core value. The investment in the most advanced technology to meet the growth and changes in the agricultural sector is a vital issue that we have to do. This is also an opportunity for us to partner with our customers, and together with them grow most quickly.


Production line and technology imported from Europe, fully automated technology from the stage to the stage of raw material input to weighing, mixing and packaging of finished products, create shipped products of good quality, safe for animal customers and friendly to environment.


We have experimental farm and researches by experts at home and abroad has positive support for the research and development of products. Thus, ViNa has been continuous improvements of manufacturing processes, product quality, product diversification meeting the requirements of the intensive and modern animal farming.


We have modern laboratories and associated laboratories, help control materials. Our raw materials are carefully selected, strict production. And we also control finished products before packing and ship to market ensuring good quality, high efficiency farming.


Research and development as well as laboratories, production lines are constantly improving. The operation of us standardized following ISO system of quality management, to help detect and eliminate the potential risks.

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