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Company History

Vinafeed Group doing its business in the field of manufacturing and trading animal feed for livestock and aquaculture. To date, more than 20 years of operation, the company has confirmed its place in the market. Its total sale volume was over 500,000 tons and more than 5 thousand billion in value last year, and a staff of over 1,200 people working in two factories in Dong Nai and Hai Duong.


Vinafeed Dong Nai


Vinafeed Hai Duong


In 2017, ViNa's third animal feed factory was built, with a designed capacity of 400 thousand tons/year, contributing to the overall output of ViNa Corporation as well as contributing to the development of domestic livestock production.


Vinafeed Ha Nam


We are proud to be the pioneer company in Vietnam brought the most advanced technology in the European market feeds to home country efficiently. This is one of the great success of ViNa company to market products used in animal nutrition have high and stable quality, which most breeders across the country have trusted line of products us as the most advanced product on the market.


ViNa found the right direction, overcoming great difficulties though in any circumstances, turn challenges into opportunities to develop strong and finished well laid out plan. We will continue to develop in depth and breadth, not only in Vietnam but also to aspire to other countries, other markets. At the same time, continue to grow very fast and sustainable in the coming years.



"As the pride of the Vietnam Animal Husbandry"


Our goal

1. Applying the most advanced European technology in the production system to provide stable and optimum products.


2. Build a team of professional staff, enthusiasm and commitment.


3. Development of distribution network covering the whole country and reaching out to other countries markets.


Our Mission

Our presence is to serve our customers with the animal feed products and high value services. Along livestock customers to develop fastly and strongly with the most modern technology.


Our Ambition

Become a Feed Manufacturing Company – Vietnamese Breeder Belief


Our Motto

Vietnamese Breeder Belief”


We believe that we strongly invest leading European advanced technology in the production process and continuously improve our services, we can build the trust of animal customers and community where we engaged in business activities.


Our values

Commitment to success;

Always innovative development;

Focus on partnerships;

Responsible production to the community.


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Niềm Tin Chăn Nuôi Việt
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