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Company Culture

Company Culture


With the motto "Bringing engaged environment and professionalism", we always respect the labor value of each employee. Each employee is asset and collaboration platform for the enterprise’s long-term development.


We have been building a working environment with cultural integration office staff from numerous differences in personality, property, birth, geographic location, religion, life experience ... operating criteria our business is to build cohesion between individuals, departments of the big family, work together to build and steer the boat ViNa  stronger and stronger.


In addition to the selection of suitable candidates, capable and professional ethics were focused in training and recruitment, we also focused on training sales team not only in communicating behaviors that also the in-depth knowledge to best serve our customers. We also train each operational department to get collaboration, linking the work to solve, solve problems for customers, with the aim of:

Focus on customers;

Strong team;

- Always innovative, creative and adaptable;

- Positive working style, passion;

- Long term view;




The market increasingly fierce competition, attracting talent is increasingly more attention. With us, you will feel the true labor value of yours. And we believe that ViNa would be a favorable environment to develop yourself and is your loved home.

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